March 2020


Egypt Culture And Traditions Facts

Egypt’s culture and customs are truly the fusion of many cultures and traditions. The traditions were introduced by the Pharaohs which are known for their tribal culture and the traditions. There were many customs which the invaders present amidst modern Egypt. It became a melting pot for multiple culture and ethnic groups. There are many common rules and regulations in Egypt, which is different than the people outside Egypt. Egypt has a lot of cultures, customs and family values which is understandable and also well respected. In this article, we are going to be learning about some of Egypt’s culture and its traditions.

How to respond, if an Egyptian invites you to his home

This is one of the most interesting ways an Egyptian invites people. Egyptians refuse all sorts of invitations which is custom as it helps fulfil the formalities. If an Egyptian decides that he or she will invite you with real spirit, the invitation will be repeated again. It is always good to honour the request and make sure that you fix a date if you cannot make it is important that you decline and visit again. This is important as if you do not visit after a promise, it will consider that you are humiliating the host. Also, the gift that you are going to be talking to your guest should be of their status as it is important in Egypt.

Tipping is a way of life


Tipping in Egypt is accepted and expected. You can offer tips for all of the people who have helped you with travel and has small coins and notes. The tipping should be spontaneous or else it will be considered offensive. It is good to create some good impression around the people that you surrounded with. Do not try to tip people of your status or for professionals as it is considered too demeaning.

Egyptian Women

Egyptian women are known for their beauty and ladies, in general, are well educated, groomed and are professional as well. Girls in Egyptian society is pampered until they are married, and virginity is of prime value. This is one of the main reason Egyptian women keep their modesty and virginity as long as possible. Most Egyptian men also want to get married to women who believe in family values. Egyptian women, in general, wear scarves as it is a very common practice for young girls. In general, Egyptian women maintain a sober approach towards a stranger, which is determined by the social profile. No matter the success in their business and other professional activities, they always tend to keep their obedience in their religious rites and customer, which helps them be grounded.